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The weather is finally warming up. Seems like this winter has gone on for eternity. And once again the cover is off the pool and I’m staring at the backyard wondering what to do with this mess. Normally, I take in the cushions after the summer and store them in the attic but this year I was expecting baby number two and just did not feel like doing that and of course they are all faded. I should have bought sunbrella! I know! So as I look at this abyss of concrete surrounding my pool, these are some of my inspiration photos.

I really like the colors in this scheme.
source better decorating

And these.Screen-shot-2011-08-17-at-11.35.29-AM1[1]

I like the coziness of this scheme.

These are the cushions, I am currently thinking of using, which I know have nothing to do with any of the above photos, but I think I can use a few of those colors for a pop here and there.

So I’m thinking with some pops of yellow and coral in the pillows.


I like these from Target.



So stay tuned and we will see what I can come up with!

A place to play

I am so excited to say that we recently converted both of our attics to rooms. One is a playroom and the other a nursery. I must admit the first time I walked in this house and saw the skylight in each attic space, that I was determined to make them both a room and finally we have!

So the toys have a home and this is it. The knee space has been converted to built-ins for the toys and attic access doors were added to provide more storage. I wanted something fun in here so I went with FLOR flooring tiles along with a neat and clean carpet which I absolutely love! Should one mess up, it is easy to replace a square. You can get them here.
Beadboard was added and a fun color on the wall so it’s kind of like being outside on a clear sunny day! This space makes me happy and a sofa was added for us tired grown ups.

blog playroom