About Me

coverI’m originally a farm girl growing up in the eastern part of North Carolina and was born into a family of artists. We believed in feeding the creative soul just as I try to do with my own daughter. I love color and went to college to become an interior designer.

I worked several years as a designer for a national builder as well as continued to freelance design after the birth of my daughter. I started my design business after she was born while also dabbling in product design with children’s clothing and crib bedding but decided raising a child while my husband grew his own business was just too much for me to handle so therefore I began to write about design and I wrote a book titled Design on the Fly by Schiffer Publishing and hope to begin on a new one soon!

As a mom of one vivacious five year old and another on the way, life is pretty crazy around the house when trying to decorate. As this year has unfolded, I decided that my perspective on design needed to make some changes, so with that in mind, I will continue to design, but with the busy mom and child in mind. Design needs to function and be aesthetically pleasing, so browse around and see what you like and let me know if there’s something you’re interested in!

I love my home. It is like a large canvas waiting for me to work on. I constantly see new ideas in magazines, blogs and Pinterest and with my decorating ADD change all the time. Classic design is what I lean towards because I am a lover of heirloom pieces and come from a family of furniture collectors. Anytime I need a new piece, I go to the farm and peruse the barn for some relic hanging on an old nail or in the rafters.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Quite frankly I’ve been so involved in writing the book, I haven’t kept up with this like I should but will do better starting with my house. It is what I love and enjoy the most. Tag along as Ella and I tackle our new “old” house. We’ve already began, but we’ve got a long way to go!

There will be lots of great decorating tips on here and how to get them done in an efficient manner, because from first hand experience, I know that decorating with a toddler in tow is a difficult task! Your home may not be spotless, but it will be decorated!

The book Design on the Fly can be purchased at Amazon.com, www.bn.com, www.bam.com as well as bookstores nationwide. Oh yes…and I am for hire. If you need a little TLC for your home and are in and around the North Carolina piedmont, drop me a line.

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