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Book Two- The Heirloom House

DSC_0055Book two is now underway. The contract was signed almost a year ago while I was expecting baby two and the publisher was gracious enough to extend my deadline; however, now the deadline is here! I have two months to complete this book and I have been working on the piece for awhile now, but there is nothing like a looming deadline to get your adrenaline pumping. Thankfully, I work better under pressure, but this pressure is going to be boggled up with the holidays. Oh my, the pressure is building! So here is a taste of what I am working on for The Heirloom House, which will focus on using vintage and heirloom pieces in current design schemes, because we all have a piece or two, or in my case a houseful of hand me down furniture!

My college suitemate, friend, and bridesmaid Meghan’s house. She has such FAB taste! And the sweet kitty makes it better.