A place to play

I am so excited to say that we recently converted both of our attics to rooms. One is a playroom and the other a nursery. I must admit the first time I walked in this house and saw the skylight in each attic space, that I was determined to make them both a room and finally we have!

So the toys have a home and this is it. The knee space has been converted to built-ins for the toys and attic access doors were added to provide more storage. I wanted something fun in here so I went with FLOR flooring tiles along with a neat and clean carpet which I absolutely love! Should one mess up, it is easy to replace a square. You can get them here.
Beadboard was added and a fun color on the wall so it’s kind of like being outside on a clear sunny day! This space makes me happy and a sofa was added for us tired grown ups.

blog playroom