The quest for the perfect sofa

Okay…this is hard for me to write. I mean.. I am supposed to be an interior designer, right? I have the schooling, the creative brain, a book and the qualifications to back it up. However, I am having a quite a conundrum with searching for the perfect sofa. I also am suffering from preggo brain which apparently moved over into my designer brain. So on this quest, I bought one sofa and couldn’t stand it. So thankfully, the company was kind enough to let me return!

I pour over the internet and Pinterest looking at all the different sofas in living rooms but not one of them is striking my fancy. I do have a thing for purple. I am of course continuously drawn to the purple sofas, but we have a purple sofa! One that is wore out! I need something new, or so I think I do. I mean if I am going to get a new sofa, don’t I want something completely different? Of course, this means I will most likely have to redo the entire room which is two living rooms by the way which opens up to the kitchen we just redid and the master bedroom. This could cause me to redo the whole house!! It’s a sofa!! I’m a designer!!! Have mercy!! So, the new one is gone and I am waiting for my refund.. and of course it Christmas is coming. Did I mention that we’re converting the attic to a nursery? But how will I stand this wore out sofa? Does my husband need to work longer hours to help out with this? hmm…I’m sure he could care less. A wooden spool, a recliner and a television is about all he needs to be happy! Well, I will continue to look for the perfect sofa and hope to goodness it doesn’t cause a complete redo of the downstairs in my house. But here is one I just love until I can get my preggo brain tuned back into designer brain! So you see…even a designer has her issues!