Shed some light

lamp pic for websiteThe quest for the perfect lamp. I had a pair of lamps in our master bedroom that looked a little tired. Tired is a nice word to say outdated. Now I love vintage pieces and I adore antiques but they seemed to be the odd pair in the bedroom so the quest for the perfect lamp began. Now, I do have an assistant that shops with me most all the time and that is my daughter.

Sometimes shopping with anyone under the age of 8 can be a challenge but since she has turned 5 she has become a good partner. Of course, there is usually a prize involved and on this particular day she wanted some italian ice. Whatever it takes, right? I came upon these lamps in one of my favorite stores and decided to purchase them for the master bedroom. I had already seen these lamps previously and had them on my mind when we went to purchase them. With kids, it’s better to have a mission in mind instead of just window shopping. With the two lamps loaded in our cart, we were out in a matter of minutes and they were a perfect match!
Of course, now I have to figure out what to do with the other lamps I had in this room. They are currently in the attic and were a gift so I will need to do something with them as not cause a riff in the family! Sometimes all you need to spruce up a room is a new pair of lamps to shed some light on the subject.

Here are a few tips on searching for lamps. Weight. I mean visually, not literally. Beds are big and need lamps with a little substance. Buffet lamps and lamps with a thin base won’t quite do the trick.

Height. Somewhere between 24 and 30 inches work best for the bedside, depending on the height of your nightstand and you can place them on stacked books for extra height if need be.

To match or not to match? Lamps do not have to match but they need to be similar in scale so they are proportionate to each other.

Favorite places to shop for lamps: Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods and Marshall’s.