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From Hot Mess to Gorgeous Suite!

The Before

The After

The After

I recently put the finishing touches on the master bedroom suite in our house. I am a fan of incorporating heirloom pieces into every space I design because it adds character and brings meaning to a room as well as makes the space uniquely yours. The first thing that had to go was the blue carpet and yes, I had to endure the carpet for over a year. It was a tough one! New furniture was added, because I loved the existing wallpaper, the old border between the moldings were painted to give the illusion of a heavy molding around the top of the space and new bedding was added. Monograms give a space a high end feel and they’re very inexpensive. This particular duvet cover and euro sham are from pottery barn. On sale of course! My grandmother’s blanket chest is at the end of the bed and my favorite pieces in this space are the lighting. The mother of pearl fixture was a warehouse score for $49. They had two, one wired up and ready to hang for $599 and then this one which was missing the wiring for the bulbs and to hang in the ceiling. Of course a $10 light kit from Lowes fixed it right up! It’s good to have a handy husband around! I added the lamps this week. They give the space a touch of elegance as well as bring a little modern touch to the room. So, it went from hot mess to a beautiful master bedroom suite!

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The mind of a creative soul

So today I decided to blog about what it’s like to be creative. Most people who are creative can understand this. It is as if your brain never shuts off and you can’t pick one thing to just focus on, instead you are all over the place, like look I think I will start making dresses and selling them! and I know I am already writing a book, working on promoting it, working as an accountant/slave of the office woman for my husband’s engineering company amongst raising a budding preschooler. So, what do I do? I decide to start making dresses, Again. That’s right, again. I’ve already done this little dance one time when my daughter was about 1 until she was 3 and then I think I gave in to the fact that she was winning at stealing mama’s time and I of course figured no help was needed. This is another issue I have. I can do it all myself! Well, I think that but it doesn’t work out that way! So today instead of blogging about a fantastic design I have come upon or am working on, I decided to let you into the secret of my creative mind. It’s more like hoarders of art projects up there with no sense of order! I attached a cute dress just so you can see for yourself and incase you might want to buy one! 🙂 Cheers!