Easter Egg Costume

Easter is here!

We had to come up with a super cute costume for my five year old daughter for her Awanas group at church which meets on Wednesday nights. It is so much fun because each Wednesday is a different theme. Since it is Easter they were to dress as either an easter egg or a bunny. Ella of course was the only Easter egg at Awanas but she was a cute one! So if you need an easter egg costume in a pinch here is the best way to make one! I remember when I was in Kindergarten, during a play we were to dress up as snowflakes so believe it or not after 30 years I remember the costume and applied that idea to the Easter egg.

Two pieces of colorful cardboard made the actual egg and I freehanded an egg shape. I used glitter foam stickers found at Hobby Lobby for my embelishments, large ric rac and large po