some yummy cake!

A Dora themed party

Dora birthday cake and invitation.

Dora birthday cake and invitation.

A delicious fiesta with tacos and colored goldfish for the kids!So many colors to use for such a fun birthday!pinatas filled with sand anchor the ballonsA Dora themed bounce house Continuing on with March as our month of birthdays, I decided to post about a Dora party from a few years past. This party was so much fun complete with a fiesta and bounce house. It was a beautiful spring day and believe it or not there had been a torrential downpour the day before. A Dora themed party is fun to do because of all the bright colors and the possibilities are endless with pinatas filled with sand and used as anchors for the balloons, brightly colored paper lanterns hung in the trees and brightly colored plates and bowls adorned the food table. Of course, since this was a toddler party, food was accomodating to the tots as well as the adults. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the second year Dora party.

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