Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spring is in the air and a new blog is in the works!

February is almost gone and March is lurking around the corner. I’m glad you have found your way to this blog. We’re going to talk about pretty things and decorating and maybe some gardening and other fun things that make life pretty. We’re in the midst of Cinderella madness at my house because our little one is turning 5. That seems like such a big age! Anyway, every year the birthdays seem to get bigger and more lavish, except last year was toned done. Before Pinterest, I perused books and the web on birthday parties and once we decided on a theme, I would find a cake on the web and decorate our theme around the cake, but now we have Pinterest and I can see what everyone has done too! What fun and great ways to get inspired. So here’s a peek back at some previous parties. Maybe they will inspire you!