Monthly Archives: February 2013

A spare closet turned into a sewing room makes the perfect space to store crafts and leave the mess as is by closing the door!

A Space to Create

For the creative mind, it is nice to have a space where you can store all your wares. The endless amounts of fabric, thread, crafting supplies and the like seem to grow like a fungus no matter where you store them! And don’t you just hate when you have to clean up in the middle of a project? I decided to take a closet and turn it into a creative space. You may not have the space for this particular idea, but a few extra shelves with several baskets can store crafts up and out of the way whether it be in a closet that houses clothing, or even above a desk.

This beautiful room 
from Southern Living displays the perfect shade of green to me. Although the green on the walls is the same as the parson chairs, the white gives it a seperation and really brings the entire space together with just the right amount of white to break up the space.

The color of green

Green is my most favorite color to decorate with and has been since before it became a trendy color. I can’t imagine not having green somewhere in my house or any house for that matter! As a matter of fact almost all spaces I have designed in the past for other clients usually have a little green in there somewhere! I found this photo today and decided to post it here. It is from Southern Living and to me is the most perfect shade of green! The simplicity in this photo makes it stand out with the perfect balance of white and green. Even though the walls are the same as the parson chairs, the drapes, lighting and woodwork done in white and cream creates a fresh and invigorating space ready for spring.